Abril 17, 2013

The long wait is over. :''"'> Finally, Thank you Lord for your great love in giving me this gift of Graduation! :”’> ♥

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management TOP STUDENT

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” - William Arthur


Enero 01, 2013

New Glorietta Vibe Fashion Show

The Biggest fashion show according to the Guinness world record. :)

The stage.

Runway 1 to 5.

Runway 3 is where I am assigned to ramp.

22OO+ models.

Rehearsal!! (ANG INET!)

Holding area 1 & 2.

Retouch area


Fitting & Styling. (My assigned brand was *MEG)

Setyembre 16, 2012

Exploit Grand Anniversary Special - Fashion Show 2

This photo was taken before the fashion show.
(c) Josel Palaspas
[ HMUA: Mr. Andy ]
Wedding Gown.
(c) Jeafel Palaspas
[ Hair & Make-up Stylist / Wardrobe Stylist: Mr. Andy ]
*Wardrobe & Accessories from: Ms. Jade Erasquin
Casual Wear
(c) Mr. Mike Tan
[ Hair & Make-up Stylist / Wardrobe Stylist: Mr. Andy ]
*Wardrobe & Accessories from: Model's own
Summer Wear
(c) Mr. Mike Tan / Snapbug
[ Hair & Make-up Stylist / Wardrobe Stylist: Mr. Andy ]
*Wardrobe & Accessories from: Ms. Sharon Manat
Production Shirt
(c) Mr. Mike Tan / Snapbug
[ Hair & Make-up Stylist / Wardrobe Stylist: Mr. Andy ]
* Wardrobe & Accessories from: Model's own
The most talked about and in demand fashion show of all time.

EXPLOIT GRAND ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL, fashion show 2 & Image model search cycle 1 at Area 05, Tomas Morato
(c) Gerald Bugaring
(c) Mr. Gerald Bugaring
(c) Mr. Jeafel Jae
(c) Ms. Angelou Dela Cruz
(c) Ms. Angelou Dela Cruz


- Terranova- First Line integrated School- Ynnoks Dress Shop- Mr. Mike Tan - Education | Event | Photography- Freedom Dancers- Freedom Records- Zundoh- 2k 11 Tribe- Visda Couture- Cosway Runway

Ramp: Gown| Casual | Summer Outfit | Exploit T-shirt

xx, KC Llanillo

Setyembre 14, 2012

Exploit Fashion Show

Photoshoot Teaser

Veerryy sooon! :))
Location: Ecopark
Photographer: Ms. Kristine Celestino / Tine Photography
Model: Ms. KC Llanillo

Myth Teaser

Exploit Management Production
In-house Model (2012) - Ms. Kc Llanillo
Hair and Make-up By: Ms. Shim Ebio & Ms. Mariel Lomingkit
Wardrobe Stylist: Exploit Management Production
Photography by: Ms.Zyra & Mr. Roy Donasco
Processed Photo By: Exploit Production

© 2011 l Exploit Production

Hulyo 03, 2012

Rehearsal Days.

Group Shot. (Models in Red shirt are the In-House Models of The Production)
3rd day of Rehearsal ~ Curtain Call.
Dance Rehearsal!
Exploit Family. :))
Dress Rehearsal.


Photo Credits: Exploit Production